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My TV interview on FOX17 Unfiltered in Grand Rapids

'A fun challenge': 12-year-old ventriloquist magician from Paw Paw on her way to the big time

Brynn Cummings recently appeared on America's Got Talent where she received universal approval from the judges

PAW PAW, Mich. — A 12-year-old performer from West Michigan is on her way to the big time, perfecting her unique blend of ventriloquism with magic.

Brynn Cummings began honing her craft at just 8 years old, taking part in the annual festivities in Colon, Michigan, as part of the city's Magic Get Together.

Dubbed the "Magic Capitol of the World," Colon is where the young performer began her career with a boom.

She took the top prize in their stage competition during the 82nd annual gathering. She was just 8 years old at the time.

She tells FOX 17 that she used the prize money collected in Colon to purchase the puppet that would go on to be her star, Penelope.

Even at a young age, Brynn says she loves the feeling of being in front of a crowd — luckily, she says she never really had to deal with stage fright.

"I'm a huge extrovert," she tells FOX 17.

"I have to be around people all the time, so I guess it's just being there with the people is what I enjoy."

Brynn isn't sure yet what she wants to do as a career, but she's keeping her options open.

While she is considering the possibility of a life as a professional entertainer, she says, "I would also like to be a music teacher, so like, band and choir for middle school."

"But, I mean, this could definitely be a thing in my future, if this goes well."

Brynn also took first place in the junior competition at the 2022 International

Ventriloquist Convention held in Kentucky.

She also appeared on a Penn and Teller television special called "Try This at Home Too" and gave a Tedx Talk titled "How to Dream Like a 10-Year-Old". By:Michael Martin


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